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Staying Connected With Restaurant Customers

Staying connected with restaurant customers is one of the top questions we receive. Most restaurant customers come from a five mile radius so we’ve put together two quick strategies on how restaurants can stay connected.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a great way to reach a large number of households within your area. All pieces should be sent with the intent of driving repeat customers and inviting new ones. While sending individual pieces may not be cost effective, there are many mail houses specializing in large scale direct mail. Using a full service mail house ensures you’ll get reasonable print prices, decent artwork and the best bulk mail rates possible.

When sending direct mail, the creative should be eye catching and the offer must be strong enough to cause action. In addition, every offer should have a tracking number or a way to track via your point of sale system. A short expiration date is recommended to drive business within a desired time period, such as 30 days.

Bounce Back Offers

We love bounce back offers because they target current customer and it’s cheaper to market to them than find new customers. If there is only room in the budget for one marketing effort, we always recommend bounce back offers.

We like our offers to be included with the full menu since it’s an invitation for them to return. If you’ve wondered why you have five pizza menus from the same place, it’s because you keep returning and they keep inviting. Don’t forget to invite your current customers to come back. Write that invitation and drop it in every to go or third party delivery. For dine-in guests, leave them a little coupon for a repeat visit.

For both of these methods, be sure to calculate the hard costs, including the cost of goods for the offer, so you can calculate the most accurate break even and total return on investment.

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