Being In Charge of Your Business Identity Online

October 4, 2016


The placement of information in the online space is a vital part of any successful business and the benchmark for online success is ever changing. When evaluating online identity for your business, look at all the communication pieces and how they work together. Next, identify potential ways to fill in gaps that may confuse or mislead your audience.


Most businesses have a website, a Google Business page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, etc. Each online representation serves a different purpose and a way to connect with customers. It's when the information becomes inconsistent where problems arise. For example, hours of operation are changed on the store front window, on the customer facing material and on Yelp but the Google Business page didn't get updated. This small oversight can reduce revenue especially if the business relies on google searches to drive traffic.


A better example is a hotel posting room rates online. Hotels monitor competitive online room rates because they use discount room websites and book rooms direct through their own site. If the official company website guarantees the lowest rate when booking direct, they are making a promise. When the hotel authorizes a discount site to publish a rate, the hotel has to be sure to update the official site to be in compliance with their marketing strategy. When there is a disconnect, the strategy becomes a liability rather than a way to drive revenue.


These are only two examples but managing the online space is really an extension of your customer service strategy. When customers don't notice the consistency in your touch points, that's a great outcome. However, you can be sure they will point out the smallest inconsistency and let you know about it.


Managing your online identity is a full time job and requires precision to execute it properly. When you're ready to solidify your online business identity, we're ready to provide you with the tools for continued online success.


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