Preparing Holiday E-Mail Campaigns

October 14, 2016


Alright, these tips aren’t just for the holidays but, with so much competition out there, we thought we’d share them now in hopes of helping your holiday bottom line.


If you’re an experienced e-mail marketer or just getting started, you probably know that catchy subject lines like, “Free Pizza November 23rd” or “50% Off Entire Holiday Purchase”, will probably garner a higher open rate. That’s a great start for any e-mail campaign. However, we have assembled a few quick ideas to enhance your overall e-mail campaigns.


Segmenting Data
The database is like the engine of your e-mail marketing efforts. Like an engine, you have to give it a tune-up by keeping the data clean and replacing the e-mails that bounce. A smooth running database leads to fewer problems down the line and whenever possible, you should break your database into smaller groups or segments. 
You can segment your data by reinvestment percentage, behavior based groups, zip codes, gender or whatever reliable data you have on your customers. By breaking down the data you are setting a target then tailoring an e-mail message to help you achieve the performance and revenue goals you have for those certain groups.


Personalize the Message
Stand out by addressing your customers by their first name. When sending a B2C communication, make a stronger connection by including something like "Happy Thanksgiving Mary”. Adding a small 
personalization and consistently showing the customer you care will leave them with a positive feeling toward your brand. It should go without saying, but here it is, if you don’t have the data avoid using Dear Customer especially if you know you've earned their business in the past.


Use More Than One Photo or Video
We’ll make the assumption that you know your customer and they know you have achieved your normal open rate. Increasingly e-mail marketers have to break through the clutter and the single image e-mail is a thing of the past. The point of your message is to engage customers and entice them to take action by watching an embedded video or clicking on a photo linking them to the corresponding web page.


Using more than one image or video (but no more than 3) lets you deliver a better looking piece, provides the customer choices, leaves room for more than one offer and can increase the desired engagement level. Don’t miss the opportunity to wow your audience with each e-mail you send.


Contact the Propulsion Marketing team at (702) 751-4890 or at for more help on how to maximize your e-mail campaigns.

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