Your 2017 Marketing Plan

November 21, 2016


Thanksgiving is this week and the calendar year is peeking around the corner. While looking through the perfect holiday recipes on your desktop, you know you are still expected to set a manageable budget, build a solid marketing strategy and find creative ways to hit the lofty goals set forth by the "lead turkey" aka the CEO.

If your company is not in a financial position to roll-out a new widget or simply ran out of ways to say "new and exciting", it's beneficial to start a year by evaluating previous performance. Sounds easy but it means being truly open to what worked last year, what didn't and identify how the outcomes could have been better.

Performing this exercise is not a direct reflection on personal performance but more like an operational review to point out past opportunities and find ways to get in front of challenges moving forward. These opportunities can be identified in every corporation, small business and sole proprietorship. Fine tuning a process, checking pricing strategy against the competition and managing communication are a few ways to increase customer engagement and potentially increase overall sales.

If you're selling a service or a product, here are a few sample questions to help get started:


  1. Do all employees answer the phone the same way?

  2. Have they had customer service training lately?

  3. Is the e-mail strategy targeting the right people?

  4. Do we track offer redemption effectively?

  5. Which offers are most profitable?

  6. Can we make our internal process better? What is required?

  7. Do we have effective graphic design for all customer facing materials?

  8. Have we tested new offers lately?

  9. If "it" works, can we make "it" better?

  10. What is a good timeline to make any necessary operational changes?

Change doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes it’s right there in front of us, if we know where to look.


From all of us here at Propulsion Marketing, have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!



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