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"Direct Mail Marketing"

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

In the digital age, why is direct mail marketing a thing? We put together a short list of factors contributing to the success of direct mail.

People Still Get the Paper

The average age of the US citizen receiving the daily newspaper is 58 years old. They are set in their ways and enjoy the tactile nature of the daily delivery. While the newspaper is getting smaller by the day, the group that orders delivery will do so until it no longer exists. This group still enjoys direct mail delivery too.

Additional Touch Point

Even when a digital ad can be served, some advertisers send a hard copy to the mailbox. This is done as an additional touch point to reinforce the message. Often times with coupons, offers and holiday specials to attract as many people and redemptions as possible. No matter what medium is being used, there still needs to be six to eight touchpoints to generate awareness. Using direct mail is a great way to achieve a touch point because the ad generally hangs around the house. While the newspaper is fading, direct mail advertising still represents $41 billion in annual spending. There is no clear end in sight for direct mail however, there is a clear path to using mail to create a successful campaign.

The Digital Age

The wave of the future is here. Digital ads are always part of the marketing mix and continue to grow its share daily. As the digital arena grows, so to does the ability to target consumers. Delivering the right ad at the right time is still king. Although this is thought of in terms of digital media, individual consumer data is another factor driving direct mail.

Consumer data will be mined for specific likes, dislikes and the under lying behavioral factors affecting a decision. No matter what the findings, direct mail is still a big part of a successful strategy. As long as people continue to redeem, you’ll continue to see the ads in your mailbox. Enjoy!

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