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Organic Social Media Followers

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Organic social media followers are the basis for every social media account. The followers are friends, family, business associates and general acquaintances. Our social media platforms have become established channels for customer acquisition, remarketing and support of retention programs. However, the increase in services for paid followers presents a problem for businesses and legitimate followers.

As paid followers increase, it can also reduces engagement levels as a percentage of total followers. With platforms like Instagram, engagement levels are the unit of measurement on how images are served. Most paid followers are just followers taking up space with fake accounts that don’t comment, like or share. And by percentage, the engagement levels will be relatively low. Even with bot services, they post two to three words that don’t always fit the image.

Build Gradually

Social media is built on the instant gratification of likes, comments and shares. We are trained to want more even when our logical brain tells us that in most cases, more is just more without real substance. This is why it’s important to build your organic following gradually. While this can be more work in the short term, the results are shown in the long run. The result is higher engagement levels and more images served to those that matter. Keep the end goal in mind during your like, share and comment sessions. Following others and providing the like and shares they need also leads to followers. Automation is not always better.

Loyal Audiences

Building an audience from the ground up has many advantages. First, you will connect with people you want and deliver content they want to see. Second, you can grow your audience based on who they are connected with. When choosing who to follow, keep that in mind. And lastly, you will connect with people that can actually make a purchase and drive business. Building an audience that chooses to buy from you is the end game.

Above all, stay positive, stay motivated and stay connected!

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